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Favourite book:
I have many favourite books by lots of different authers but one of my favourite books of all time has to be the boy in the striped prjarmas and the Twirlight series.There are both my favourites because they are verry thrilling and very descripteve with deteled and powerfull description and want`s you start reading it you just can`t stop.
Favourite author:
Once again i don`t have one favourite auther i have lots i love a variaty of authers from Ted Hughs to Jaqulin wilson but onw of my all time favourite auther has to be the auther of the twirlight series
Favourite hobby:
My favourite hobby is Dancing and contributing to many sporting clubs and compertitions up and down the country.
Favourite band or singer:
I do love Cheryl Cole but i also like JLS and Laddy GAGA to so a wide range of bands and singers.
Favourite animal:
My favourite animal has got to be hourses.
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