100 Gross Facts

No more nice! Who needs more textbooks full of boring polite facts to put you to sleep? So dull! As series like Horrible Histories have shown us, it’s the nasty facts that stick in your mind. So here’s some good news. The only facts you’ll find in this book are disgusting, sickening, weird and very gross – and that’s a fact! Did you know that the average person farts between seven and fifteen times a day? Or that there’s a temple in India where people worship rats? Or that a tapeworm can grow up to eight metres long inside you? You know now!

  • Hilarious non-fiction for kids who love gross trivia
  • Covers science, history, the arts, technology and more
  • Packed with fascinating facts to amuse and entertain
  • Clive Gifford is a prize-winning author of over 180 books

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