LEGO® Ninjago®: LEGO® Ninjago®: Return of the Djinn

Your Ninjago heroes are taking a break! Yup: that’s right: they’ve defeated all the bad guys and destroyed the Cursed Realm. Now they’re totally famous (Kai loves it!), and they’re having some well-earned time off. Great! Except – that’s not much of a story, is it? You want to see battles and action, not your heroes snoozing on deckchairs. (Big YAWN.) So thank goodness for Nadakhan the djinn, a famous Sky Pirate and evil genie. He’s got wicked plans for the land of Ninjago. Hey, Spinjitzu Masters – you’re under attack! WAKE UP!

  • A thrilling reader from the world of LEGO® Ninjago™
  • Action-packed mission with colour pictures and easy text
  • Longer words and sentences to stretch young readers
  • Ideal for boosting confidence and building vocabulary

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