All reviews for Rewards Value Pack: Diary of a Wimpy Kid x 9

  1. loved it

    They are all very interesting. And I like them very much ! The books are talk about Gray (A student in the Middle School).

    Enjoy it soon ! Your friend

    22 October 2017

  2. liked it

    it is OK but it isn’t my style of reading but i would recommend it for anyone because it is a really, really good book and it is really funny so i recommend you read it as soon as you see you will want to read it.

    8 March 2017

  3. loved it


    25 December 2016

  4. loved it

    Amazing story about Greg Heffly at middle school.

    27 September 2016

  5. loved it

    This is the best book in the world and it’s extremely appealing with cool illustrations and describes a very precocious middle school boy,Greg Heffley.

    18 September 2016

  6. loved it

    Very Easy and A quick read. Funny, Humorous and a best – seller. The kids will absolutely LOVE these books. Even if your kids don’t particularly enjoy / prefer reading they will find this book an absolute darling to read

    17 July 2016

  7. loved it

    I loved books expecially in diary form or sorry journal form and I really want to buy a wimpy kid book and want there to be more pages in this club!

    8 April 2016