My Beautiful Unicorn: A Magical Journal

Definitely the planet’s most beautiful journal! Packed with fill-ins, colouring, recipes, quizzes… and pretty unicorns! (Break out the rainbows and glitter.) Welcome to paradise. This isn’t just a book. It’s an enchanted unicorn world to explore. How do unicorns spend their free time? Doing the lovely things you’ll do in here! Bake feather-light fairy cakes. Find out your film-star name. Colour your favourite animals. Share your magical memories. Finally: a book that’s all about YOU – plus gorgeous unicorns!

  • Beautiful fill-in journal with a unicorn theme
  • Silver elastic closure and fantastic colour artwork
  • Activities, quizzes, recipes, fill-ins and puzzles
  • Ideal for fans of Holly Webb and Rainbow Magic

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  • this book looks amazing i want to read it

    5 January 2021

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