All reviews for Katy

  1. liked it

    Sad and touching book but I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because its a bit slow in places.Still a good read though and would definitely suggest it to a friend!

    23 March 2018

  2. loved it

    This is a sad but touching book it is my most favourite book. I am going as katy for world book day.

    28 December 2016

  3. loved it

    Very sad but a touching book. Well written

    27 July 2016

  4. loved it

    i loved it Kinda sad but it was still Amazing

    20 July 2016

  5. liked it

    very touching story by wilson

    3 June 2016

  6. loved it

    all i can say is five stars!!!!!!

    5 May 2016

  7. loved it

    I think this book is amazing, it is like being in the book with Katy

    5 April 2016

  8. Oh, it was fabulous! I love Katy, and the rush of adrenaline when she falls and the accident happens! It’s a great read for everyone, especially people who are facing the same problems as Katy. It’s a modern version of the Scholastic Classic, What Katy Did.

    31 March 2016

  9. loved it

    I loved this book; it was so much fun to read . I love the way jacqueline Wilson writes it from katy’s point of view. Did you guys like it ?

    11 January 2016

  10. liked it

    Such a good book!

    6 January 2016