Tiara Friends #1: The Case of the Stolen Crown

One fairytale palace, two besties – and a sparkly mystery to solve! Every maid dreams of being a royal princess. But at times, every princess dreams of being a maid. (A welcome break from tea parties and balls.) So it’s lucky that Millie and Jess look just like twins – except that one’s a maid, and the other’s a princess! These best friends love to swap dresses, change places and have big adventures at Peveril Palace. Everyone’s fooled! So when a diamond crown is stolen just before a royal birthday party, can these tiara friends use their disguise skills to find it?

  • First in a fairytale new series for fans of Secret Kingdom
  • A magical tale of mystery and friendship in a royal palace
  • Paula Harrison is the author of The Rescue Princesses
  • She is a bestselling author with over a million books sold

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