LEGO® Ninjago®: The Ultimate Ninja Training Manual

Good vs evil! Why mess about? We all know what you’re here for. But if you want to win the battle for the world, you’ll have to train your up ninja skills. So hurray for this Spinjitzu battle box: your ultimate guide to ramping up your powers and making those villains run away crying. With a skills manual, an activity book and a minifigure for your Spinjitzu army, you’re going to be unbeatable. Like we said: why mess about?

  • Magnetic-closure file with handbook and activity book
  • With a buildable ‘Swamp Gear’ Kai minifigure to collect
  • Find out how to survive and thrive as a Spinjitzu warrior
  • Boost your brain and test your skills with cool activities

Not available to buy in: Anguilla, Guam, Johnston Island, Midway Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico or Wake Island.

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