The Demon Headmaster #7: Total Control

He’s back! But hey, you always knew this mega-baddie could never really be defeated, didn’t you? For a while, it seemed as if the Demon Headmaster was gone forever. But nope – he’s back in a new book, and a new school, with a new evil plan! It’s nice to be good at things. But at Lizzie’s school, all the kids have suddenly become weirdly brilliant at stuff. Lizzie’s classmate Ethan, who hates sport, has turned into a football whizz. Her brother’s now an expert in robotics. As for Lizzie herself, she’s become really good at being bad! What’s going on? Could it be linked to her school’s creepy new headmaster?

  • A brilliant new thriller from this legendary series
  • Fast-paced, funny and full of action and suspense
  • Brings this best-loved series to a new generation
  • Gillian Cross won the Carnegie Medal for Wolf

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  • Awards

    Gillian Cross won the Carnegie Medal for Wolf in 1990, and the Nestle Smarties and Whitbread Prizes for The Great Elephant Chase in 1992.

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