Beanie Boos: Meet the Beanie Boos

Meet the Beanie Boos!

They’re cuddly, they’re cute and they can’t wait to meet YOU!

The Beanie Boos are colourful soft toys with big eyes and even bigger hearts. This sweet book is packed with fun facts about your favourite Beanie Boos, including Dotty the one-of-a-kind leopard, Fantasia the fanciful unicorn and Kiki the cuddly kitten.

These beloved Boos can’t wait to be your friend!

This storybook includes facts about the top 20 Beanie Boos, plus a sheet of stickers.

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  • I loved it. they re so cute.

    26 June 2020

  • loved it

    I have beanie boos and would love to have this book and it would be really handy to no their story’s

    26 August 2019

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