Sam Wu #4: Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Spiders

It’s not always easy being the world’s bravest scaredy-cat. Sam must NEVER let ANYONE see how much sharks or ghosts freak him out. Or that he finds the dark more than a little worrying. Not to mention SPIDERS! So when Tulip, the school tarantula, disappears from her cage, Sam knows what he must do. 1) Show no fear. 2) Find the fugitive. Will he be able to save his school from the eight-legged escapee?

  • Fourth in this witty series about Sam’s daring deeds
  • Explores common fears in a funny and sensitive way
  • Perfect for fans of Tom Gates and Pamela Butchart
  • Accessible text and zany pictures to keep kids reading

“It’s enormous fun, madcap and relatable.” Bookseller

“Intensely likeable and sharply observed comic capers.” Guardian

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  • RRP £5.99
  • Club price £5.80
  • Saving £0.19

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