Glow! Be Confident, Be You

Inside and out, from your head to your toes, start loving yourself with healthy lifestyle tips and body positivity advice. Growing up can be confusing. Your body is going through big changes, and you’re trying to remember to do your homework, walk the dog and eat your five-a-day. Juggling everything can be hard work, so it’s important to put yourself first. This book is packed full of handy advice on exercise, healthy eating, self-esteem, friendships, staying happy and loads more. You’re growing. Now it’s time to start glowing…

  • Your ultimate guide to growing up and feeling good
  • Smart tips from a former Girl Talk magazine writer
  • Practical, friendly advice and fun colour pictures
  • Focus on healthy habits and a positive body image
  • Wellbeing for the mind and body, from head to toe

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