Anisha, Accidental Detective

A kidnapped bridegroom! A runaway lobster! Can Anisha’s sleuthing skills save a wedding? Anisha Mistry is all set to be a bridesmaid at her Aunty Bindi’s wedding tomorrow. That is, until she finds a note in her family’s letterbox. Bindi’s groom has been kidnapped! He’ll only be released if the wedding is called off! Oh dear! What should Anisha do? She’ll need to call on her detective skills. Oh – and on her best friend Milo, a mischievous granny, a runaway lobster and a giant chauffeur. Can Anisha find her uncle and save THE big Indian wedding of the year?

  • A hilarious adventure full of wacky characters
  • Anisha is a fearless, funny, unforgettable heroine
  • Ideal for fans of Pamela Butchart and Planet Omar
  • Serena Patel is a fantastic new voice in young fiction
  • She was shortlisted for the Asian Writer Short Story Prize

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