The Paninis of Pompeii

When you think of the last days of Pompeii, what do you imagine? Well – whatever it is, it probably ISN’T anything like this! A barmy look at the town just before the volcano blew its top, from the fevered mind of the odd genius who brought you Mr Gum. Welcome to the world of fart-trader Caecilius and his family: his wife, the aptly named Vesuvius, their ten-year-old son Filius, and their dog Barkus Wooferinicum. Think selling farts for a living is a bit weird? Well, it’s not any weirder than their bizarre world of accidental gladiators, volcanoes that spurt out pizzas, and the legendary Ma-wol-n-f…

  • First in a new series by the bestselling author of Mr Gum
  • A feast of daft characters, silly jokes and ridiculous antics
  • A wacky treat for fans of Asterix and Horrible Histories
  • The Mr Gum books have sold 3.6 million copies in the UK
  • The series has won Red House and Blue Peter awards

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  • Photo of Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton is author of the hilarious Mr Gum books. He’s won loads of awards, especially those voted for by children.


    Andy has won the Blue Peter, Red House and Richard & Judy awards for You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum, and the Blue Peter Award and Roald Dahl Funny Prize for Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear.

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