Where's the Magical Unicorn Poop?

A unicorn poop has vanished! Can you help to find it? Join Unicorn, Sloth, Flamingo, Llama, Toucan and the rest of the gang for a magical search-and-find mission! It’s bursting with colour, excitement and cool places to discover – plus endless hours of spotting fun! Travel from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the sights of central London, the floating market in Vietnam, the iconic Carnival of Brazil and the famous views of Sydney Harbour. With nine magical rainbow poops to find – plus one very special golden poop to discover – there’s magic on every single spread!

  • A cute and quirky book of search-and-find delight
  • Bursting with fun locations to explore and discover
  • Packed with adorable creatures and gentle humour
  • A whole planet of spotting fun at your fingertips!

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  • RRP £6.99
  • Club price £6.80
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