The Kid Who Came from Space

By the author of Time Travelling with a Hamster. Heading to the stars to find your twin – that’s impossible, right? But Ethan knows that love can do all kinds of strange things… One day, a remote Northumberland village is rocked by the vanishing of a twelve-year-old girl. Only her twin brother, Ethan, knows she’s safe. He also knows the astonishing truth of where she is. He can’t tell anyone, or he might never see her again. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to give up. Along with his friend Iggy, a spaceship called Philip and Suzy the trained chicken, Ethan sets off on a nail-biting chase to get his sister back…

  • A thrilling interstellar adventure by a must-read author
  • Humour, action and deep emotion in one incredible book
  • This surreal yet funny mission is hallmark Ross Welford
  • Ross made his name with Time Travelling with a Hamster
  • His other books include The Dog Who Saved the World

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  • Awards

    Winner of the Awesome Book Award for Time Travelling with a Hamster.

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