A House Without Walls

It’s been tough since Safiya’s family fled Syria. Yes, of course she knows how lucky she is. Lucky to be alive. Lucky not to live in a refugee camp. Still, it’s hard to feel grateful when she’s forced to look after her father and brother. And when she can’t go back to school. And now that her family have lost their home (again). If only it weren’t for the stupid war! But as Safiya’s family struggle to rebuild their lives, she starts to notice odd details. War buries many things. Including secrets. What if her family was already messed up long before?

  • A vivid and compelling story of war and family secrets
  • Explores the Syrian refugee crisis through a teenager’s eyes
  • Elizabeth Laird is renowned for her powerful, topical fiction
  • She won the UKLA Book Award for Welcome to Nowhere
  • Her many other books include The Fastest Boy in the World

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  • Awards

    Elizabeth Laird has won several awards including the Red House award for Kiss the Dust and the Scottish Arts Council Prize for The Garbage King.

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