50 Soccer Skills

Right on the ball! Ramp up your game with fifty cool soccer tips to destroy the opposing side. Covering all aspects of the game from attack to defence, they’re just the job for players, coaches, refs and die-hard fans. Each card has full-colour photos and step-by-step instructions to show you how to execute an essential manoeuvre, shot or tactic. So whether you’re a mini Messi or a budding Ronaldo, slip these cards into your pocket before you hit the pitch!

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  • loved it

    I look at these cards before we have a football tournament at school and try to get some skills!

    7 March 2014

  • liked it

    I really loved this box of tips thanks for adding it to my books list.

    28 May 2012

  • 50 Soccer Skills is a good book because it helps your football skills so you can play football better although there is quite a lot of skills you can do, I wish it was more than 50 skills to learn because most of the skills I kind of already knew so it should be like 75 skills. Overall, I liked it!

    3 March 2011

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