All reviews for Let Your Thoughts Dance! Journal

  1. I want this!!

    8 July 2012

  2. I really want to read this! I know it’s a Diary but I really need one to show off to my BFFITWWWFMNGTBU (which stands for Best Friends Forever In The Whole Wide World Forever More Never Going To Break Up by the way!) I would draw pictures, write secrets, do diary entries, make book reviews and do my life story! I might be buying this because it is a GREAT OFFER and me and my mum, grandma and other grandma LOVE bargains! I love books, this is Caitlin (call me KK) and peace out! xxxxxxxx P.S. Hope you think the same as me! LOL! Bye!

    26 April 2010

  3. okay

    i’m going to get this diary peaple who want to get this its not a book its a diary.

    6 September 2008