All reviews for The Enormous Crocodile

  1. loved it

    Hugely brilliant

    20 September 2015

  2. I used to read this all the time when I was little

    8 March 2014

  3. liked it

    A great book. Loved it and quite funny….... Also liked the talking animals LOLLAUGH OUT LOUD. He he…............ I’ve never seen a crocodile in my life-well one! but the crocodile was not that big.

        It was a baby and I thought when we saw it, it would cute but it the crocodile was looked AWFUL! (no offense)
        Oh but it was a great book and it linked with THE TWITS. Roly- Poly bird and Muggle wump.

    I’ll love to read it again. If I could give a vote out of ten in my opinion it would be 9/10! That is great but I like bad endings, well good ending when he learns his/her lesson but something actually to happen to innocent children to feed the crocodile belly and he swallows his/her whole and they cut the crocodile in half and out pops the child who had been eaten or something like that.

    That’s the story I like. He/her thinks they had succeeded with something but the others get their revenge. I want it to be a little more frantic if you know what I mean. (only in my opinion)

    13 November 2013

  4. I read this a lot when I was little. It’s really lovely.

    8 March 2013

  5. loved it

    The enormas crocodile is a thing that wants something to eat so he uses ‘clever tricks’ to get a tasty morsel but other jungle folk foil his plans

    5 March 2013

  6. This is about a crocodile who wants something to eat.

    4 March 2013

  7. I really enjoyed this book.

    31 March 2012

  8. I hated the crocodile when i was little… I still do! * * * *!

    7 March 2012

  9. its about a crocodile who thinks he is the best so all the other animals teach him a lesson. Good book

    2 March 2012

  10. loved it!

    2 March 2012