Along Came a Bedtime

It’s nearly bedtime, but Baby Bear and his friends are having far too much fun to think about bed! Splashing in the bath, playing out of doors… How will this little bear ever get to bed? Wind down after a busy day by sharing this rhythmic romp, which will prepare even the widest-awake little one for a blissful bedtime. A charming and funny tale written by the much-loved author of Harry and the Dinosaurs, illustrated in dazzling colours by Guy Parker-Rees.

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  • Photo of Ian Whybrow

    Ian Whybrow

    Ian Whybrow is author of the much-loved Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs books and has had over 100 children’s books published!


    Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs won the Sheffield Chidren’s Book Prize in 2000.

  • Awards

    Guy Parker-Rees won the Sheffield, Dundee and Portsmouth Book Awards for Spookyrumpus.

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