All reviews for Horrid Henry's Bodies

  1. not for me

    I thought this book was okay, but it wasn’t really for me, I liked the other Horrid Henry books better :(

    9 March 2013

  2. rubbish

    thisis another horrid henry fact book which is not that good

    2 March 2012

  3. loved it

    Thius book looks great! Please tell me about it if you’ve got it.

    26 March 2011

  4. not for me

    myy cousin in ireland is reading it,i hate it when he reads in the car,im ok with it but it get annoying!!

    16 March 2011

  5. loved it

    I like the facts about bodies.

    3 February 2011

  6. loved it


    11 January 2011