All reviews for Billionaire Boy

  1. Very good and walliamsie

    2 February 2019

  2. loved it

    Absolutely WONDERFUL! It was such a nice book because it is so funny, especially when the main character(Joe)’s dad embarrasses him at school! The moral of this story is that money can’t buy friendship.

    7 May 2018

  3. loved it

    Billionaire Boy is a spectacular book about the son of a loo-roll maker who makes a lot of money by his company “Bumfresh”. I liked this book because it is a mixture of funny, sad and money isn’t everything feeling. I really hope you enjoy it!

    14 March 2018

  4. Really funny one of Walliams best novels!

    24 June 2017

  5. liked it

    I have watched the TV show of it and I liked it but it was a little bit sad at times!! 😥😢😪😓

    5 June 2017

  6. liked it

    Billionaire Boy is really funny and i enjoyed reading it

    16 April 2016

  7. loved it

    I loved reading this book . It was hilarious 😄 l highly recommend .

    10 April 2016

  8. The book is about a billionaire boy! I loved it read it ready got through it quick so many amazing story’s so thanks to David walliams who is the author that wrote the book. I like his books. Got spall of them he’s very funny I think he’s got a sense of humour.

    By Jasmine 1602

    28 March 2016

  9. liked it

    i liked it

    4 March 2016

  10. liked it

    Goof book,lots of lessons on how not to be as a human being.

    15 February 2016