Chestnut Hill #1: The New Class

First in a riveting series from the creators of Heartland. A boarding school that’s all about horses: it’s a dream come true! Chestnut Hill is an elite school with a rich tradition of riding and rivalry. It’s a place where a passion for horses can take you to the top of the class. But this year, four unlikely new girls will challenge the privileged Chestnut Hill set. There’s feisty Dylan, secretive Malory, tomboy Lani and gentle Honey. Will they have the guts and talent to shine at Chestnut Hill?

  • Written by the bestselling author of Heartland
  • Malory Towers with elite horses – a thrilling mix!
  • All the struggles and triumphs of four young riders
  • Full of emotion, excitement and beautiful horses

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  • loved it

    loved it This is my favourite series, and this is a great start to the series. 5/5 stars

    12 June 2016

  • loved it

    When I picked this book up I personally thought it would be a bore as I’ve read the later books in the series and didn’t feel like a slow introduction to the characters. but not only did I understand certain things they mention later in the series but I personally found it spun in a moral that if we hang out with badly- behaved kids no matter how cool it seems it will always mean TROUBLE but the type that are always so well behaved may seem boring but they will make excellent friends for life! as well as a good moral this book has humour horses and gripping moments perfect for readers ages 9-15 who want to be hooked on a good book all day!

    2 January 2015

  • loved it

    It’s a good book for everyone – but I would recommend it for serious horse lovers. Although I wish I could read WAY more than just the first chapter. Nice. 10 out of 5!

    25 August 2014

  • hi loved it but i have a question for those who have read number 4 what is lani’s horse called

    21 January 2014

  • I love it so far x

    14 March 2013

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