All reviews for Olivia's First Term

  1. loved it

    i liked it but how can you read the whole book

    7 May 2016

  2. loved it

    i want to read the full book online. please provide this book online. i’ll be very thankful for it.

    13 October 2013

  3. i love the blurb and the front cover

    8 March 2013

  4. loved it

    great book!! i want the second 1 soooooooooooooooooooooooo badly!!

    24 March 2012

  5. loved it

    Olivia’s first term is a great book. I spent hour after hour reading this book and I just wanted more and more!

    All in all a great book. The only draw back is that there is not enough of it!!

    9 October 2011

  6. I absolutely loved ‘Olivia’s First Term’ by Lyn Gardner as it was very girly but also very believable. When you look at the outside you think it is going to be traditional – its not traditional, just realistic! It happens to a lot of girls about Olivia’s age that their parent has to leave them to go to work.

    My favourite character is Eel as she fidgets alot which makes her funny.

    My favourite part is at the end when Tom and Olivia are performing Romeo and Juliet.

    I would rate this book *

    Georgia, age 11

    30 August 2011