Awesome Animals: Penguin Pandemonium

Meet the rockhopper penguin with his own reality show!

Rory the penguin loves showing off – but with so few visitors to the zoo, life has become a little dull. Even worse, if visitor numbers don’t pick up, the zoo might have to close. So when the zookeepers install a new Penguincam, Rory grabs his chance with both flippers. His online penguin talent show is bound to wow the world’s web audience and get new visitors pouring in! But will it be enough to pull in the crowds and save the zoo? A hilarious, heartwarming story about a little bird with big dreams, from award-winning author Jeanne Willis.

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    8 March 2013

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    4 March 2012

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  • Awards

    Jeanne has won several awards including the Nestle Smarties prize for Tadpole’s Promise, the Portsmouth Children’s Book Prize for Dumb Creatures and Grandad and John and the Book Trust Early Years award for Bog Baby. She has also won Red House award twice for Who’s in the Loo? and Bottoms Up!, both illustrated by Adrian Reynolds.

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