Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep

An island set in a glittering blue sea. White sand, palm trees. A secret place where humans and merfolk live together. Emily Windsnap’s new home is perfect. Unfortunately, Emily ruins everything when she wakes the Kraken, a legendary sea monster, from its hundred-year sleep. As the kraken rises out of the deep, threatening ships in the Bermuda Triangle and putting the islanders at risk, Emily must make a desperate bid to save them. And then an old enemy turns up…

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  • loved it

    It was amazing!

    14 July 2020

  • I am a boy and I loved this story. Full of excitement and fantasy!

    28 July 2013

  • I borrowed this on after I borrowed the first one and really enjoyed it I felt sorry emily when she woke the kraken and ruiend evrything , this book is a great book for young girls and older

    9 March 2013

  • the front cover catches eye

    8 March 2013

  • i dont like THAT front cover

    2 May 2012

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