Princess Ponies #1: A Magical Friend

Including a pretty tiara to keep! Ponies have never been prettier than in this blend of magic and horses: a must if you love Rainbow Magic or Secret Kingdom. This first gorgeous adventure introduces the land of Chevalia, an enchanted island ruled by horses and ponies. Its magic powers lie in eight golden horseshoes that hang in the royal castle. When these are stolen, the kingdom’s future is threatened. If the horseshoes are not found by Midsummer Day, Chevalia’s magic will die. Can a human girl, Pippa, and the royal Princess Ponies of Chevalia find all the missing horseshoes – before it’s too late?

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  • loved it


    10 July 2016

  • It sounds like a great book!!!! Because I like ponies especially magic ones!

    7 March 2015

  • Loved it! Hannah- almost 7 years old

    4 January 2015

  • loved it

    Ok, so I have NOT read this book yet but it looks great! I’m always into fantasy and magic..ever since I finished the Silver Dolphins, My Secret Unicorn and Emily Windsnap series I’ve been going crazy about these kind of books!

    It looks pretty and the cover is soooo beautiful and sparkly, I think I might even get it. Is there a series for this book?

    9 July 2013

  • Awesome read!

    8 March 2013

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