All reviews for Geek Girl #1: Geek Girl

  1. loved it

    Loved this, cannot wait to read the whole series!

    23 March 2018

  2. liked it

    Geek Girl is an amazing modern day book all about fitting in and opportunities. The plot is all about 15 year old Harriet Manners you’re typical geek, knows the answer to everything, gets loads of praise but nobody seems to like her. So when she’s offered the opportunity of her life she grabs it by the reins and tries to transform herself from geek to chic. But the only problem is this is her best friend’s, Nat’s dream and her step mother doesn’t want her doing it – so she has to keep lying to everyone she loves. The other problem is this new opportunity is very difficult but the mysterious Lion Boy seems to be helping her through it all?!?!

    11 March 2016