All reviews for The Giggler Treatment

  1. This is a very funny book which made me and my sister laugh a lot. I really liked the boring cream crackers and I also liked when the gigglers put the poo on the path. Rover is my favourite character from the book.

    16 February 2016

  2. this book is the best book ever 5 STARS

    14 January 2015

  3. i wanna read this

    12 October 2013

  4. loved it

    Firstly, my mum did not like this book because there had the word poo in it a lot. Secondly I loved this book because I thought it was very funny. Thirdly I think this book is eight plus because it has the word poo in it.

    This book is about these little creatures that are called The Gigglers. The Gigglers are like chameleons whatever the colour of the background is they are. The Treatment is if an adult is mean to a child they get the Treatment and the Treatment is Rover’s poo. Rover is the dog that they buy poo off for fifty pence.

    It’s about Rover saves Mister Mack from stepping in the poo. Rover is a talking dog and puts his fifty pence in his bones and berries them in his garden. He was saving Mister Mach from stepping in the poo because he did a really sticky one so who ever steps in it they stay there stuck to the ground.

    Stephanie, aged 8

    8 October 2013