All reviews for The Chocolate Box Girls: Coco Caramel

  1. loved it

    I loved coco. I’m a tomboy so I felt like this book was pretty relatable

    5 March 2021

  2. loved it

    i love it i wish i had a pony like coco caramel spirit and star are so cute.

    20 August 2016

  3. loved it

    A wonderful book, I love Cocos character and we both have lots in common. I love animals and I look a tiny bit like her. Very good book

    1 April 2016

  4. loved it

    I really liked this it was brill! Lawrie was such an inspirational character and Coco’s ideas were so nuts but amazing! I didn’t actually like Coco’s friends they seemed a bit self obsessed and not interested much in her plans. But I loved the book in total! :-)

    8 July 2014

  5. loved it

    This book Is awsome literally

    16 April 2014

  6. loved it

    Coco camel is an amazing book it is full of mystery and adventure. I love how I went to meet her at cramlington junior high school she was just amazing to listen to.when I was reading it I couldn’t put the book down!

    9 March 2014

  7. loved it

    Coco Caramel was amazing! Its such a fun but tense book at the same time! Its amazing written by Cathy Cassidy and I recommend it to anyone who loves jacqueline wilson, cathy cassidy or animals who is 10+.

    24 December 2013

  8. liked it

    omg this book is so awesome like fudge! i LOVE IT cathy cassidy is my fave author lol ps go 2 my page!

    29 October 2013

  9. okay

    the book was really nice all throughout I loved it although I did not like the ending but the whole book throughout is rather good>!!!! but don’t get too excited about the silly ending yours TECNA

    14 October 2013

  10. loved it

    I’ve read the book which you gave me “Coco Caramel” by Cathy Cassidy. I really enjoyed this book, as soon as I started it, I couldn’t put it down. I think I literally just sat down in one place and read the entire book because it was so good. My favourite character has got to be Lawrie because even though at the start of the book, he seemed really mean and moody, you just find out later as the story progresses that he actually isn’t a mean person, he’s actually a really nice, caring character who just has a rough family background, so it was really interesting to see that new character if you like as a reader. My least favourite character is Honey (the oldest sister of Coco’s) because she seems quite wild and out of control. She forces her sisters to lie about what’s she’s doing, to their parents and her sisters have to watch her parents suffer and stress over Honey because of the things she’s doing. My favourite part in the book is when Coco and Lawrie rescue the two horses from that mean old man’s house as it’s really exciting to read and I could imagine the whole scene in my head as I was reading it. My least favourite part is when the people at the stable sell the house, Caramel, because she’s untrained and a danger to the riders. I found that quite unfair to Coco and the horse, and thought they should just keep the horse but take the time to train it. My rating for this book would be 5/5 and I would recommend it to anyone who likes animals especially horses, or anyone between the age of 8-13.

    Safa, aged 14

    8 October 2013