A Crankenstein Valentine

You’ll (kind of) love this cranky little monster. But NEVER EVER tell him so. YECHHHH! Valentine’s Day is here again. Uh-oh: it’s enough to turn anyone into a raging monster. Lovey-dovey cards. Stinky floral bouquets. Heart-shaped everything. BLEEUGGH. Crankenstein hates red roses. Cutesy poems make him vomit. His Cupid outfit is awful (in a genius kind of way). But there’s just one thing this grumpy kid’s forgotten. Even the crankiest monsters have hearts…

  • Meet a grouchy little monster you’ll fall in love with
  • A Valentine’s Day picture book with a hilarious twist
  • Hugely acclaimed by parents and book reviewers
  • Will find the soft centre in every grumpy kid’s heart

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