A Curse Dark as Gold

The gold thread offers Charlotte Miller a chance to save her family’s beloved woollen mill. It promises a future for her sister, jobs for her townsfolk, security against her grasping uncle… maybe even true love. But to get the thread, Charlotte must strike a bargain with its maker, the mysterious Jack Spinner. And the gleam of gold conjures up a shadowy past, full of secrets which ensnare generations of Millers. Charlotte’s mill, her family, her love – what do those things matter to a stranger who can spin straw into gold? Set in the 1700s, this beautiful retelling of Rumpelstiltskin intertwines a ghost story, romance, mystery and fairy tale in a way that is both otherworldly and vividly real.

Winner of the William C. Morris Award for Best Debut YA Book.

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  • Awards

    Elizabeth C. Bunce won the ALA William C. Morris YA Debut award for A Curse as Dark as Gold in 2009.

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