A Piece of Cake

Uh-oh. Mrs Large has a BIG problem – she’s looking rather large. How has she put on all this weight? She’s never been quite this jumbo before. Now she’s putting the whole family on a diet. Biscuits and crisps are out. Healthy meals and jogs are in. There’s just one problem: for hungry elephants, dieting is no piece of cake! This sweet and funny story is as yummy as chocolate gateaux. The laughs haven’t slimmed down – and who wants to bet that Mrs Large won’t either?

  • A best-loved family favourite full of warmth and wit
  • Part of a classic series by the wonderful Jill Murphy
  • Jill is a talented artist and picture book creator
  • She also wrote best-loved series The Worst Witch

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  • Photo of Jill Murphy

    Jill Murphy

    Jill Murphy is the author of the Worst Witch and Large Family books.


    Jill Murphy won the Nestle Smarties Prize and the Sheffield Children’s Book Prize for The Last Noo Noo.

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