A Viking Mystery #1: Riddle of the Runes

A pulse-racing blend of history and intrigue from BBC TV presenter Janina Ramirez. Step into the thrilling, magical world of a Viking mystery solver! Being out alone when there’s a kidnapper on the loose is reckless, to say the least. So why is Alva running through the dark forest in the dead of night, with only her loyal wolf to protect her? A kidnapper has struck, and Alva must be first to the scene if she wants to solve the crime. But what Alva finds at the crime scene only opens up more questions. Now she’s caught up in a dangerous quest to track down the culprit, reveal the truth – and find hidden treasure!

  • A gripping historical mystery by a BBC TV presenter
  • Janina Ramirez is also a cultural historian and lecturer
  • Fast-paced, lyrical writing that sweeps readers along
  • Dramatic line artwork by top illustrator David Wyatt

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