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Face-glitter heaven or cringe-out hell? Welcome to Bella’s festie nightmare. It’s probably fair to say that Bella is no stranger to blushes. Like, this is the girl who recently dressed up as a dog in public. Woof. So it’s no surprise that her ‘free’ ticket to a cool music festival has to be earned by working as a litter picker/toilet scrubber. But who cares? For once, Bella doesn’t! It’s going to be EPIC. Her fave bands, her best friends, her gorgeous best boy Adam are all going to be there. But – who else is there? Oh dear! Her big sister Jo, sent by Mum to keep an eye on her. Oh, and some mean girls. And awful ex Luke. And his model girlfriend. Can it even get any worse?

  • More laughs from Bella Fisher, teen queen of cringes
  • A fabulously fresh and funny take on modern teendom
  • Wondrously cool and exciting summer festival setting
  • Perfect for fans of Geek Girl or Louise Rennison’s books

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