Amy Lee #1: Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex

Welcome to Amy’s fluffy rainbow world of love, light and super-pretty gaming. But hang on! Something is terribly wrong in the Land of Love. It’s being attacked by forces of darkness! First a strange purple cloud appears on the horizon. Soon after, Amy realises that all the trees in the forest are dying. Who – or what – is trying to destroy Amy’s magical kingdom? You’ll have to read this illustrated novel to find out. Living it is loving it!

  • The first fabulous novel from Amy Lee’s magical world
  • From YouTube Minecraft gaming superstar AmyLee33
  • High-adventure quest to make you laugh, gasp and thrill
  • Amy’s Land of Love comes alive in this illustrated story

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  • loved it

    This book was very exciting, I would read it again and again. The illustration is really good I love all the graphics. I give this book 5⭐️It is so much like her YouTube videos but with a lot more intense as you turn each page. Excellent.

    1 June 2017

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