Animal Fairy Tales Pair

Funny fairy tales with four-pawed cuties. And this time the focus is on bears. Pure genius. Why did nobody think of this before? Imagine your favourite fairy tales if all the characters were animals. Would they work out in quite the same way? Especially if they featured lots of rather large bears? Errr – maybe not. Laugh out loud as Pandarella is forced to scrub floors for her ugly step-gorillas. Will she ever meet her Bear Charming? Next, in the story of Goldiclucks, the bear family are shocked by a rather rude chicken. Oh dear.

  • A bonanza of cuteness, laughs and reading practice
  • Full of cheeky details to get little ones smiling
  • Perfect for fairytale fans and young animal-lovers
  • Familiar stories reimagined in a comical new way

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