Animal Pants

From hairy gorillas to the tiniest ants, these animals adore their underpants! But what sort of pants do honeybees wear? Or iguanas? Or even piranhas? If you’ve ever wondered, look inside this book! It’s got baa pants, moo pants and COCK-A-DOODLE-DO pants. It’s an explosion of colour and silliness, full of animals that you’ll love. Oh – and it’s guaranteed to tickle your ribs until you giggle very loudly. Why should humans get all the pants? These critters want to show you their undies!

  • A joyously funny rhyming book by a top creative team
  • Written by the bestselling author of Giraffes Can’t Dance
  • Exuberant pictures in Nick Sharratt’s hallmark bold style
  • Third in a much-loved series, after Pants and More Pants

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  • Photo of Giles Andreae

    Giles Andreae

    Did you know that Giles Andreae is one of the most successful children’s authors working today – and he’s the creator of the iconic Purple Ronnie character?


    Giles Andreae’s awards include the Red House Children’s Book Award for The Lion Who Wanted to Love, the Booktrust Early Years Award for I Love My Mummy, the Red House and Stockport Schools Award for Pants and the 2010 Sheffield Children’s Book Award for Morris the Mankiest Monster.

  • Photo of Nick Sharratt

    Nick Sharratt

    Nick Sharratt is one of the country’s favourite illustrators, with over 100 books to his name.


    Nick has won numerous awards for his picture books, including the Sheffield Children’s Book Award for A Cheese and Tomato Spider and the Nottingham Children’s Book Award for Elephant Wellyphant.

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