The dead boy in the Norse ice has cast a curse on Jack. How can he fight the dead and the living? Haunting ancient magic in the Wolf Brother vein. It froze us to the bone. Jack has just moved to Norway. He knows the local myths and legends, but he doesn’t believe in them. Not until he comes face to face with one: the body of a Norse warrior boy, frozen in the ice. The old arrowhead he carries contains a terrible curse. One ancient crime. One new-risen enemy. How will Jack survive?

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    This book is so good I got it from a library and it was absolutely amazing. You should definetly read this if you like adventure. The first few chapter are a bit boring but once you pass them it’s so awesome !😀

    6 June 2018

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    Ruth Eastham won the 2012 Coventry Inspiration Book Award (7-11 category)for The Memory Cage and the 2013 Oldham Brilliant Book Award for The Messenger Bird.

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