Atticus Claw Lends a Paw

If you love cats or detective fiction, raise a purr for Atticus Claw, the sassy police cat!

Bystanders – clear a path. The world’s greatest crime-fighting cat is back! The kittens at the local cats’ home have been wrongly accused of a knitting crime. Inspector Cheddar is baffled. It’s up to Atticus to find the real culprits and clear the kittens’ names! In an adventure that takes him from Littleton-on-Sea to the Egyptian desert, Atticus must keep his wits about him to stay one paw ahead of Jimmy Magpie. Can he reach the lost city of cats and save its priceless treasure from that villain?

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  • That book was SO good!!! I’ve got to start reading the other books in the series, of Atticus Grammaticus Cattypuss Claw! It’s really exiting when they’re in Egypt, and they get attacked by a cobra. Every time you read it, it puts your mind to a fresh start.

    9 November 2016

  • liked it

    its nice and cool

    3 December 2013

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  • Awards

    Winner of the 2014 Red House Book Award (Younger Readers) for Atticus Claw Breaks the Law.

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