Baby Aliens: My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat!

Like Mr Gum? Know how to handle an evil headmaster? Got a sharp stake? Read on. Izzy is no stranger to danger. After all, her school is a weird place. Aliens. Spies. Now a vampire rat – who just happens to be the new principal. It’s obvious, really. He’s scary, he sits in the dark and he’s banned garlic bread in the canteen. Why can’t the grown-ups see it? If you like zany fiction with a spooky edge, you’ll totally love this. You might not wish your headmaster was this demonic. But you will wish your school was this funny.

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    I love this book because it is really exciting and has lots of adventure. The characters in this book are really funny, and strange!

    3 August 2015

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    Pamela Butchart won the 2015 Blue Peter Book Award for The Spy Who Loved School Dinners.

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