Battle Bugs #5: The Cobra Clash

Spiders are nothing. Here come the snakes! Think you’re brave? Go on: prove your toughness. Max Darwin loves bugs! It’s not just talk; he’s best mates with them. He’s helped the brave Battle Bugs survive heaps of deadly attacks. But now Max has returned to Bug Island to find the place in turmoil. Spike has vanished – and it looks like one of General Komodo’s dastardly schemes. Max soon finds out that Spike has been bugnapped and is being held captive in the Reptilian Empire. There might be a way to rescue him by tunnelling into the enemy camp. But from lethal snakes to komodo dragons, all kinds of horrors are waiting…

  • Fifth in this all-action series full of epic bug battles
  • Includes eight pages of fully-illustrated factual content
  • FREE collectible fold-out bug inside the book
  • Perfect for fans of Beast Quest and Warriors

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