Beast Quest Series 15 #86: Quagos the Armoured Beetle

Do bugs make your skin crawl? Perhaps the very thought leaves you feeling itchy all over, like you can’t stop scratching. Now confront your living nightmare: Quagos. Six scrabbly legs. Massive pincers. Horrible waggly feelers. Very hungry. Bigger than a giant, worst of all. Only one of the Crown Jewels is still missing, but wicked Velmal has saved the yuckiest Beast for last. Tom must wrestle the precious sceptre from this colossal beetle. It’s going to be his biggest battle of all…

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  • loved it

    everyone reads this at school but it is mostly the boys who read it i read it once it was awesome they need to do more

    29 June 2015

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  • Adam Blade

    When he’s not writing Beast Quest books, Adam enjoys visiting museums and ancient battle sites. His main hobbies are fencing and football. Sadly, Adam does not have his own Fire-Dragon or Horse-Man, but he really wishes he did!

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