Beast Quest Series 23: Querzol the Swamp Monster

It’s all change in the kingdom of Avantia! The king’s brother – believed dead – has turned up. Prince Angelo was thought to have died in battle years ago. The people are shocked and thrilled. But is the prince really who he says he is? Tom and Elenna have their doubts. And when Prince Angelo cruelly banishes them, they’re sure their suspicions are correct. Now they must travel to the Wildlands in search of the truth about the devious prince. But first, they must tackle Querzol – a man-eating mangrove tree!

  • A fantasy adventure full of fast-paced action
  • Longer series fiction for confident readers
  • Tried-and-tested way to keep kids reading
  • Over 14 million Beast Quest books sold

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  • Adam Blade

    When he’s not writing Beast Quest books, Adam enjoys visiting museums and ancient battle sites. His main hobbies are fencing and football. Sadly, Adam does not have his own Fire-Dragon or Horse-Man, but he really wishes he did!

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