Best Friends Forever: It's All About Us

Best friends truly are forever with this gorgeous handbook, which doubles as a friendship guide and a scrapbook to record your fun-filled days! A must for besties everywhere, this inspiring album is overflowing with cool stuff and creativity to share. There are quizzes and ideas to try out with your girlfriends – make-and-do projects, amazing activities and great gifts to craft. Plan your dream holiday, start your own book club or stage a fashion show. Or fill in blank pages to make a beautiful record of your friendship, using the photos, trinkets, poems and keepsakes that mean the most to you.

Includes a silvery heart friendship necklace.

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  • loved it

    i really enjoy it i think it is a fun book for you you and your BFF!!!

    9 January 2014

  • loved it

    I wish my mom would buy me that!!!

    16 June 2013


    18 January 2013

  • okay

    I wish I have it!!!

    19 November 2012

  • i wish my mum will buy me that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15 November 2012

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