Best Friends

Bad, bold Gemma and dainty Alice have been best friends forever, even though Gemma loves football and fighting, while Alice prefers party frocks and pretty things. Gemma is sure they share everything – until she finds out that Alice has something she’s not sharing: a secret that will change their friendship forever. Alice is moving house – all the way to Scotland. Maybe Gemma will never even see her again! Gemma is heartbroken. What if Alice finds a new best friend? Is there anything she can do to stop her going? And when two best friends want to be together, just how far will they go?

  • A heartwarming celebration of the power of friendship
  • Trademark Jacqueline Wilson – warm, funny and realistic
  • Wonderful storytelling which truly touches the emotions
  • Jacqueline Wilson has sold over 35 million books

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  • PN

    loved it

    this book is about two best friends that if you ever saw them you would think that they were sisters.but one day a secret that Alice needs to separate Gemmy and move to Scotland. then c the whole story is an amazing story about two best friends that need to separate from each other and then a miracle happens and the two best friends are going to get together.I loved this book!

    7 November 2020

  • loved it

    It was really nice inspiring and teaching us to always love

    11 May 2017

  • The girls in this story are heartbroken when they have to move away from each other. great book

    12 May 2015

  • liked it

    i liked the book a lot. It was about two girls who were completely different and yet were still best friends it was also quite funny

    7 April 2015

  • liked it

    It was a very good book but in my opinion “sleepovers”, another book that Jacqueline Wilson wrote, is better. I thought it could have had a better ending. I would highly red commend it 📖📚

    1 January 2015

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  • Photo of Jacqueline Wilson

    Jacqueline Wilson

    Former Children’s Laureate Jacqueline Wilson is one of the UK’s best-known living children’s authors.


    Jacqueline has won loads of awards, including the prestigious Children’s Laureate 2005-2007, two British Book Awards Children’s Books of the Year for Girls in Tears and The Illustrated Mum, and the Guardian prize for The Illustrated Mum. In a poll to find the Nation’s Favourite Children’s Book Double Act was voted 10th and was the only contemporary title in the top ten.

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