World War Two has been dragging on for ages. It’s been five years, and it feels as if it might never end. Jimmy’s dad is away, serving as a sailor in the navy. Jimmy feels it’s up to him to keep his mum and sister safe. But one day he goes to the cinema and loses track of time. When he leaves, it’s dark – and then the wailing alarm sounds. It’s a bombing raid! All of a sudden, the night is ablaze with fire and explosions and sirens. And when Jimmy gets home, home is gone! Where are the others? What will Jimmy do now?

  • A gripping wartime adventure by Tony Bradman
  • Describes the V1 and V2 rocket attacks on London
  • A first-hand account told in a lively, realistic voice
  • Full of historical facts that support the curriculum
  • Shows what life was like in Britain during the war

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  • Photo of Tony Bradman

    Tony Bradman

    Tony Bradman is extremely well known in the world of children’s books as both a writer and reviewer. He has had particular success with books for young readers, and his best known series to date, ‘Dilly the Dinosaur’, has been in print for over 10 years. ‘Magnificent Mummies’ and ‘Mummies in Memphis’ have both sold over 50,000 copies.

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