Bloomsbury Young Readers: It Wasn't Me

Hurray! Bloomsbury’s lovely new series of early readers won’t leave you feeling short-changed as you make the crucial step up from picture books. Laughter, colour, adventure: they have all the things that great picture books have. But this time, you’ll be reading them all by yourself! If a microwave explodes or there are bubbles all over the bathroom floor, it’s probably because of Alfie. But Alfie swears that it’s not him – it’s Dave, a gremlin who lives in his sock drawer. Then one day, Dave really appears and wreaks havoc all over the house. How will Alfie stop him?

  • A lively, colourful first book for beginner readers
  • Hilarious text by bestselling author Joanna Nadin
  • Features quirky characters and irresistible artwork
  • Perfect for home practice or guided reading in schools

Book Band: Lime.

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  • Joanna Nadin

    Joanna studied drama at Hull, and later worked part-time for a juggling company whilst studying for a MA in Political communications in Peckham, London. Having worked for Alastair Campbell, she left Downing Street after the 2005 election, and now freelances as a government speech and TV scriptwriter. She has written five books for younger readers, some of which have been shortlisted for numerous awards.


    Joanna Nadin won the 2006 Lancashire Children’s Book Award for Maisie Morris.

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