Buzz, Buzz, Bugs! (Flap Book)

Mini bugs! Mini people! These gorgeous Karen Katz babies invite you outside to search for all kinds of cute little critters. Karen Katz’s babies are cuter than cupcakes, with their round cheeks like apples, buttony noses and eyes that are wide with wonder. But what are these babies looking so amazed about? They’re checking out the wonderful world of bugs! Ants that busily build. Bees that buzz. Spiders that spin webs… These minibeasts may be small, but they’re big on fascination. Go on a bug chase in this flip-flap delight. Look under every stone, leaf and twig!

  • A charming flip-flap book full of minibeasts to spot
  • Bursting with Karen Katz’s colourful baby artwork
  • Play peekaboo to find a surprise under every flap
  • Explore common bugs to find in the park or garden

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